KRATORNAS – Doomsday 15th July

(1) SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It’s been upgraded to a webshop. All Kratornas releases (from 1994 to present) will be listed here so it might take awhile but I’ll try putting it back up before the world ends.

(2) NIL SECOND ALBUM IN 2021. Like said, NO DRUMMER, NO ALBUM COMING OUT! Kratornas went extinct last 2010. All things wanted were achieved there – that’s it. It continues to exist until today only for the love of Metal and NOT as an obligation to you! It’ll get released, when it get released! Sure, I can do “everything” too but why THE FUCK would I do that?! Let’s leave that to the subsidized “elite”!

(3) DOOMSDAY AGENDA CD 2021. Delayed due to World Events. It’s been prepared but there were delays on every pressing plants we knew so why bother with things you can’t control! Only time will tell but if you’re thinking that all of these will get better then you’re a fool. IF THE EVENT DOESN’T KILL YOU… THE AFTERMATH WILL!


(4) THE NEW SITE. Is a webshop not a “blog” like this (temporary post only). The “blogspot” might continue but it’s hard using it and I hate third parties so I don’t think I’ll keep that!

LYRICS 2016… VIDEO 2019… IT BECAME YOUR LIFE 2020-Present, HAHA!

YOU CALL YOURSELF ELITE? Let’s find out . . .